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A young man in Busia has chopped off his manhood and fed it to his chickens

An 18 -year- old man has shocked the residents of Sirigoi village, Bunyala central location in Busia county after he cut off his precious manhood and fed it to his chickens.

Timothy Ofwaya had to be rushed by his family for emergency treatment at Bushiri Health Centre in Navakholo as he was heavily bleeding.

According to reports, Ofwaya had used a razor blade to chop off his private parts.

Doctors who had attended to the young man at the health center had to refer him to Kakamega county Referral Hospital as his condition was serious.

Ofwaya said he will cut off the other remaining part of his genitals when discharged from hospital.

The teenager said he felt uncomfortable with his manhood and had to cut it.

Western Kenya has been in the news for weird and sometimes outrageous news stories in the last few years.

Recently in Vihiga a 24 year old man beat up his wife and divorced her after she ate his favorite dish of fried termites.

In Bungoma a daring man nicknamed the ‘Bungoma James Bond’ hanged on a helicopter landing skids as it flew several feet of the ground.

Also in Bungoma two young boys rode on a Greenline bus chassis from the county to Nairobi sparking out rage and concern on social media.




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