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The Highest-Paid Dead Celebrities Of 2016

They may have gone to the great beyond, but these celebrities are still raking it in. Topping Forbes' list of the highest-paid celebrities dead or alive is Michael Jackson, who raked in $825 million this year. The King of Pop's pre-tax windfall came largely thanks to his then-controversial purchase in 1985 of the music library containing Beatles songs. Jackson's half of the Sony/ATV catalog sold in March for $750 million (he paid $47.5 million). Prince and David Bowie, who died in 2016, made the list at No. 5 ($25 million) and No. 11 ($10.5 million), respectively. Rounding out the top 10 was pinup Bettie Page, who made millions from lingerie and handbag licensing deals before her death in 2008. Here is the full list:

1. Michael Jackson, $825 million
2. Charles Schultz, $48 million
3. Arnold Palmer, $40 million
4. Elvis Presley, $27 million
5. Prince, $25 million
6. Bob Marley, $21 million
7. Theodor "Dr. Suess" Geisel, $20 million
8. John Lennon, $12 million
9. Albert Einstein, $11.5 million
10. Bettie Page, $11 million



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